LA West Coast Town Hall

Last’s night’s town hall meeting was a blast! It’s always great getting to see my girls! Here’s my recap of the night (and a very long afternoon!)

I got to Santa Monica High School a little before 1:00. My plan was to get there at 12 but traffic delayed me a bit. The line started forming around 11:30 but I was still in the first 10 to arrive. There definitely needs to be a better system to handle the line ups for events like this. Some of the girls tried to keep it organized but as more and more people came that system broke down.

We got let in a little before 7. I don’t know what time it actually was because of not having my phone. Side Note: There were definitely phone withdrawals going on in line!

I was sitting right up front so that made the wait worth it! They handed out signs, posters and buttons to the crowd. Some of the guys working the event were having fun with it. Some looked a little scared of the mob of women! lol

There was a brief delay after Joe was introduced as the campaign manager and him actually coming on. He did what I imagine was the same speech from the other town halls. This time he said he had to be honest with all of us and his bandmates that he had had 2 margaritas before coming in. Lets just say that Joe is on fire after a few margaritas! lol He talked about the headline saying that Boy Bands are Back! He said they are about 4 years too late on that! And that no they don’t have any advice for the new crop of boy bands. Let them live and die with their own dance moves and songs. lol

He introduced Jordan as the Ambassador. Jordan came out to “Lets Go Higher” did a short speech and then turned it back over to Joe. Joe said this campaign is not about 1 person as evidenced by the fact that there were now 2 people on stage! Joe then introduced Donnie as the president in what he described as not the best introduction Donnie has ever received but certainly the longest! He said this campaign did in fact start with 1 person way back in the day in Dorchester…Donnie came out and did his best presidential campaign speech. He then introduced Danny as his running mate. Danny said he was running to represent all the single people. He said “Single people have rights too!” One of the best lines of the night. He said he’s not looking for a running mate, that he’s looking for a soul mate! That of course got a huge reaction from the crowd and the guys! Joe then said the campaign needed some honesty and introduced Jon as the only “Reluctant Rockstar” in the group and he was someone who could cut anyone down in 140 characters and most recently referred to Perez Hilton as a “Twat.” That of course also got a huge reaction! Jon was introduced as the Secretary of Housing and Development. Jordan’s facial expressions were hysterical throughout all of the intros.

After all the intros the questions started:

  • Someone asked about what producers or artists they were working with on the new album. Donnie starting giving a “campaign” response and then said that the album is still in its infancy but that they are working with a young songwriter named Red Hot. He mentioned that right now he was probably more like blue and cold. Joe commented about that shout out. lol Donnie also said we can expect some musical surprises coming our way before the album comes out.
  • A girl said she had created her own scent called something like DDubs Sweat and asked if he wanted to smell it. He said since he doesn’t shower that often he knows what he smells like. He came over and asked how she wanted him to smell it. She put some on her chest. He said this was very unpresidential but he leaned down and smelled her. He said it wasn’t as salty as he tends to be. That maybe it should be called DDub’s After Shower Baby Powder.
  • Someone asked about more collaborations in the future like Boyz II Men. Donnie kept talking about how he doesn’t want to make false promises but in the end said that there would be something in the future with Boyz II Men.
  • Someone asked about doing more events like a day at Disneyland. Donnie said that he can’t promise that because they’ll end up at the wrong Disney and everyone will be all up in arms! Joe commented it could be called “Prom Night Reunions.” They did say that they are looking to do more multiple day events like the cruise in the future. Joe went down memory lane talking about how when he was 16 they would stay at the Ramada Inn by Disneyland. It was at the height of their success and that there was a McDonalds across the street. He wanted to go to McDonalds himself and get his cheeseburger and coke, which he said the other guys gave him a hard time about his “little boy meal.” He didn’t want a bodyguard to go get it, he wanted to go! He said he walked across the parking lot over to McDonalds to get his cheeseburger and coke and stood in line for the most stressful 5 minutes of his life! lol He then went right back to the Ramada Inn.
  • Someone asked about letting first time cruisers get priority over past cruisers to get on the cruise. Donnie asked if she was going on the cruise. She said no because she was having surgery on her leg. He asked if she had ever been on a cruise. She said no, she was always wait listed. He said something like “Ma’am, I don’t understand your question. You’re asking for priority on a cruise that you can’t go on?” lol He said something about the cruisers that have gone every year but I didn’t hear what he said. Then he said that they try to improve the cruise every year and that they try to make each and every person on that boat feel special. He said that they have already upgraded the boat once and that if demand stays high then maybe they will do it again. That was met with some boos from the audience. Joe then said maybe they will do 2 cruises a year! on 40 person yachts! I told you all Joe was on fire last night! lol
  • Leah said she ran in the Hollywood Half Marathon last weekend and asked if Joe would sign her medal. She then asked if he had any plans to start groups for runners like Danny does with Team Betty. Joe said it was finally time for his “Hug Time!” He explained that she had signed up on his crowd rise site and had raised a lot of money. He said he would have to pick Danny’s brain to see about getting something like that set up. He went off to the side and talked to her for a few minutes.
  • There was a middle school age boy that asked Donnie for tips since Donnie gets all the girls! Donnie said he hadn’t gotten the memo that he got all the girls, but that he was pretty sure the kid just had a room full of women fall in love with him. He said he just needed to be himself, unless he wasn’t a good person, then he should be someone else. lol He said a sweet, sensitive guy like himself wouldn’t have any problems getting girls.
  • A girl from Brazil asked if they were coming to Brazil. Donnie said he could not confirm that they would not be going to Brazil. That was definitely lost in translation. So he kept repeating it and Jordan said “There’s a chance.” Donnie said that’s not what he’s saying. That there is no chance they are not coming to Brazil. The girls around the mic were telling her they were saying they are coming.
  • Will they consider doing a game for the Xbox or Wii? Jordan commented that Step by Step is on Just Dance. Donnie mentioned how they were cautious about doing things like games, especially after the cartoons and cereal. Joe whispered something to Donnie and Donnie said that his campaign manager had corrected him that the cereal never came out. He asked if anyone remembered what it was supposed to be called and none of the guys could. He said it was New Kids Chex or something and that it was awful. Danny wanted it to be healthy. Donnie wanted it to be full of marshmallows. lol
  • Someone asked if the next DVD could have subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Jordan said they would have to look into that technology and see if it’s available. He was starting to get into the “Campaign” answers. lol Joe ran over and whispered to him. Jordan then said he was informed that they do have that technology so that’s a done deal.
  • The next girl said she loved them collaborating with other people like BSB but that she was greedy and wanted them on stage alone. Joe commented that “some people like the pee breaks!” lol  Jordan said that conversely, they don’t like sharing us with other people either.
  • Someone asked about a cruise leaving from the West Coast. A girl held up a sign that said Cruise to Cabo in 2013 that Jordan pointed out. They said if there is enough demand that it’s something they could consider.
  • Someone asked about changing the 5* to something like Jordan’s brunches. She said she liked being able to have a conversation with them. Donnie replied with, kind of like you’re doing now, at a Town Hall? lol Jordan said 5* with eggs and bacon and syrup shots! Donnie said that its difficult to do with 250 people. That you might be sitting there with your eggs and bacon but never get one of them. Jordan also said it’s hard to do on tour since they often leave right after the show for the next city. They commented that it’s great that Jordan can do stuff like that when he’s out doing shows because it gives the fans the chance to see them individually. They said they would have to pick Jordan’s brain on how he did it but that it would be difficult to do before a show. Donnie did say that they have tried to improve the 5* over the years, He said if you remember back to the first ones, Robo was taking the pictures! He said they heard everyone’s complaints and that for $500 you want a decent picture without Robo’s fingertips in the picture! So they have their professional photographer they take on tour because that’s what the people wanted. He repeated several times throughout the night how they really do listen and try to improve for us.
  • Someone asked about them being more involved on with Chats, Video Chats, etc. Jordan again said they would have to look into the technology…lol Donnie said he promises to schedule a chat while they are overseas and that if it can be video he will make it happen. He said he promises it will happen and it will be him. He said they will schedule and announce it. Joe said he would be there too.
  • The “Memphis Twins” got up and asked for more events in the south and gave them all dry erase boards with stuff written on them. Jordan asked if he could read his out loud. It said something like We hereby give Jordan Knight permission to spank our Southern Asses…Joe commented that “You all are probably thinking the same thing we did when we first met these girls…Are they for real? Let me tell you, THEY ARE FOR REAL!”
  • Someone else asked about doing a memorial on the cruise for BH’s that they have lost over the years. Donnie said that if it could be done tastefully that it was something to consider. He mentioned that the poker tournament was dedicated to the memory of a BH.
  • Someone said she was at the final table of the poker tournament and asked Joe what her favorite drink was. He thought about it and said “SEX ON THE BEACH BITCH!” He got up and hugged her and signed her poster. He explained how she had been at Donnie’s final table and that’s how he knew that and then said “Sorry for calling you a bitch.” lol I think she followed up with the BH memorial question.
  • Miss Tattoo asked about them incorporating fans on stage during shows. Jordan said let’s start right now! and called her up on stage to sing I’ll be Loving You Forever with him. When it was her turn the audience started singing and he had everyone stop so she had to sing. lol It was funny.
  • There was another west coast cruise question suggesting a cruise to Hawaii.
  • Someone asked if they would be willing to get behind some of the causes that are important to the fans. Joe said he thought that was a great idea since we always step up whenever they ask us to. He said he knows there are a lot of causes out there but maybe they could pick one a month and tweet/blog about it, etc.

After all the questions, we watched the Fenway video and then the guys came back on stage. Donnie said he was suspending his campaign for President of Block Nation but that he was nominating Jon Knight! Joe said the scandal that caused Donnie to step down would air on CNN at midnight. lol They said in all sincerity that they do listen to everyone’s comments and that they appreciate the feedback. That they think this is a special relationship between them and us. Donnie said he thought they were done with the Town Halls after the first three but that it was Joe that said “What about the West Coast?” That of course got a huge response from the crowd. Joe ran up to front of the stage and posed and ate it all up. Donnie continued that Joe said if they did 3 days of 9 hour rehearsals could they schedule some time to fit in a Town Hall in LA. Danny reminded Donnie to tell us that there was a big announcement coming on Monday.

Here is all of the other random stuff I remember from the night:

  • Donnie said there will be no more “Donnie Time.” He’s not making promises on when things will happen anymore because he doesn’t want to break those promises. He said he’s promised a west coast party 50 damn times and that we’re still waiting all pissed off. lol
  • Jon and Jordan both had their phones out during the Q&A. Jon looked like he took some pictures.
  •  During one of the earlier questions, Jon tried to comment but his mic wasn’t on. He just threw it over his head behind him and pouted. lol the audience started chanting “Jon Jon Jon.” Joe let him use his mic but he said he forgot what he was going to say. It was a good moment for the Reluctant Rockstar! lol

They left pretty quickly once they got off stage. All of their cars were waiting right outside the back entrance to the theater. They all stopped and gave a few hugs before getting in the cars.

All in all it was a great event! Thank you to NKOTB, Jon, Jordan, Danny, Joe and Donnie for a memorable night!

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9 Responses to LA West Coast Town Hall

  1. Aimee W. says:

    That was a great recap! Thank you so much for blogging that!!

  2. Norma says:

    Great recap – thanks so much BH sis!

  3. roseangeli says:

    Wow, you’ve got a great memory. Were you keeping notes? This is an awesome recap.
    “He said something about the cruisers that have gone every year but I didn’t hear what he said.” He something to the effect that the problem with giving priority to newcomers is that the people who have gone every year have spent a hell of a lot of money.

    • ddubsdame says:

      Nope, I didn’t take notes. I tried to tweet the questions I remembered when I got home last night and wrote others down. Scrolled through twitter to see if I had missed any questions.

  4. Jennifer Perry says:

    Jon was in the lobby during the Fenway video and chatted with a whole bunch of us Jon girls, signed stuff and gave hugs to everyone…it was the best thing ever…and hardly anyone even realized!!!

  5. Sabrina says:

    Awesome thanks this was right on! I t was an amazing night!

  6. kimmee says:

    Great recap thanks for sharing!!

  7. Amanda Bolanos says:

    Thanks so much for sharing all of this with us. It almost made me feel like I was there;) I’m SO excited about the future!

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