NKOTB Cruise 2012

ImageThanks for checking out my cruise blog. I’m going to preface this by saying, you should check out my videos on YouTube to get a better picture of what went on. (User Name: MsHME79) http://www.youtube.com/user/MsHME79?feature=mhee

There is no way to fit everything that happened into one blog or capture the feelings in writing. So definitely check them out!

June 7th, 2012 – Day 1

My roommate Erin and I arrived at the Port of Miami around 10:00 am and got in line for security. Luckily, the line moved pretty quickly! Erin and I headed straight to will call to pick up our Private Oasis Cabana packet from Rose Tours. Luckily, I was able to meet up with everyone in the terminal and give them their wristbands and get that out of the way!

Erin, Kristina and I went through check in and waited around to board. We saw all of the guys get on the ship along with Naughty by Nature. We had a late boarding zone but one of the workers told us to go ahead and get in line early.

The first person we saw on Lido Deck was Treach from NBN taking pictures. So of course we had to go over and get our pictures taken too! Lunch was the next major priority for us. We met up with some of our other friends to eat on Lido.

Next thing you know, out comes Jordan. I got a quick sort of “hug” from him. Past cruisers will know that you can’t get into your rooms right away when you board so you have some of your stuff with you. Jordan walked right over to where our stuff was to lean over the railing to look out over the pool. Erin joked that he was trying to steal our spot. I joked that he was trying to steal our purses.

Not too long after Jordan made his appearance, Donnie came out on Lido. He made his way through the crowd with Victor, hugging and kissing people. I was lucky enough to get a kiss on the check before he headed downstairs. I joked that after that we could just go home.

Erin and I headed down to our room to put away some of our stuff and quickly put up our door decorations. I know I’m biased since it was my door, but I thought it turned out pretty well. As Joe would say, “Yes and Yes.”

We headed back up to Lido and met some new people hanging out by the pool. Then it was time to head to our muster station for the safety briefing. Fun fact of the day: fire is the most dangerous thing that can happen on a boat, which Donnie will remind Jared and Group B during NKOTB Squares a little later on…

One of the crew members opened up the door before she was supposed to and started letting us out early. Thanks to that Carnival Crew Member, we might not have had any idea what to do in an emergency, but we had amazing spots for the Sail Away Party! I heard passengers hid in their rooms so they didn’t have to go to the drill.

Joe of course came out for Sail Away with a drink in hand! The guys headed down into the crowd pretty quickly. My side got Danny for a long time. He signed autographs and took pictures. Jordan joined him and then Danny ventured over to the middle stage. Someone handed him 50 Shades of Gray to sign. He wanted to know if this was some “women empowerment shit.” Joe told him no that it’s some pornographic shit and that his wife has been reading it but he hasn’t seen any of the benefits. LOL Danny then said “Oh, so this is porn in a book? Why do I want to read this when I can go on the internet for my porn?”

Joe eventually made his way over to our platform and signed autographs and took pictures. By this point Erin had gotten Danny, Joe and Jordan to sign the front of my itinerary and we had some awesome photos and videos already. Erin handed Joe one of my Donnie for President stickers and he put it on which made my day.

Donnie had everyone take an unofficial cruise “oaf.”

“I, of sound body and mind (so far)

Do hereby pledge to spend the next four days having the time of my life.

I will leave everything behind…My worries, my fears, my husband.

I promise from this point forward to celebrate the gift of life and live it up like there’s no tomorrow.

For I deserve this shit.

I earned this shit.

So let me enjoy this shit on this hot damn ship!

Let’s Go!”

Once Sail Away was over we headed back to our cabin to see if our luggage had arrived yet. No such luck, so we headed to Palladium for NKOTB Squares. If you haven’t seen my videos of this definitely check them out on YouTube (User Name: MsHME79). Donnie and Joe acting out the quickest sex act by a mammal is something you don’t want to miss! Trust me on this one! No words can adequately describe it. Some of the best moments included:

  • Earl being asked the question “What is a black hole?” which Donnie followed up by saying, “the more appropriate question is “What is a big, black hole?”
  • Joe looking at Donnie during the quickest sex act enactment and saying “Are you going to fuck me right now?”
  • Donnie asking Jordan the question “If you had to, which New Kid would you?” Jon chimed in with “Incest is not Best.” Jordan said Donnie is known for the marshmallow but that he likes Danny’s ass; that Donnie is a good kisser; and that Joe sings to him. So he picked Joe. The contestants agreed and he said that answer was false. He then said he would like to say one more thing…”Taurus”
  • Jon took a nap through part of NKOTB Squares.

After the game show was over we headed back to our room and ordered room service. I have never eaten so many grilled cheese, tuna sandwiches and cheesecake as I did on that cruise! We got ready for red carpet night while waiting for our food. We headed out to Lido while Group A was still inside for their NKOTB Squares and got a spot up against the right stage/platform. We met some of the other So Cal girls who we ended up standing with almost every night at the deck parties! They made the parties so much fun!

A tip for all you future cruisers, do not waste your time making sure your hair is down and perfect. It’s so windy on Lido that it will be a mess in seconds!

The guys came out a little after midnight in their matching suits. Some highlights of the night included:

  • Donnie and Earl dancing to Ice Ice Baby
  • Jordan being on our stage dancing to Click Click Click; Dirty Dancing; Step by Step; Full Service; and Lights Camera Action. We also had Danny on our platform for a long time.
  • Erin got pulled up to dance with Donnie on the stage and got Jordan’s approval on her suit!

I think we headed to bed around 4:00 am or so.

June 8th, 2012 – Day 2

After a few hours of sleep we were up and in the Palladium Lounge ready to board our Tenders to Half Moon Cay by 9:15. I swear there is no sunscreen strong enough for the sun on HMC! Once we docked, we were escorted to the Grand Cabana, which was amazing! We put on some music and the food and alcohol began to flow! The staff was outstanding! Some of the girls headed into the water right away. They were bringing drinks directly out to the water so they could float them out on a raft to those in the water. LOL

The Chef was there to make us lunch. We could have BBQ chicken, fish, burgers, whatever! It was all so good!

Some of us walked over to get spots for the concert. About half of the cabana swam over with rafts to watch the show from the water and drink. We probably waited on the beach for close to an hour before the guys got to HMC. The concert was short by fun! I got some great shots. I was proud that the girls in my cabana started the chant for Joe to “take it off!” I got some great pictures during the concert.

After that they played some beach games. I headed back to the cabana to see if anyone was there. I found Erin asleep on the couch! LOL The whole group eventually made their way back to the cabana and hung out for a little while.

The line for the tenders was long but moved fairly quickly. Group A had a show that night but our Group didn’t. So when we got back to the ship Erin took a nap while I got ready for Up Close & Cuddly. Once we ate our room service (more sandwiches and cheesecake!), we headed out to Lido and back to our spot by the right stage/platform. It rained for a few minutes but luckily cleared up quickly!

The guys came out in their silk pajamas.  The deck parties are honestly such a blur that I highly recommend you watch the videos on YouTube. There are so many funny moments. Some highlights from tonight included:

  • Donnie informed us that without Tiffany they would be bartenders in Dorchester and Jon would never have touched a female’s insides. John admitted that was true! LMAO Jon then sang along to I Think We’re Alone Now an said “You Mother fuckers thought I didn’t know how to sing!”
  • This was the first night we sang Sweet Jonathan and Since You’ve Been Jon.
  • The Togas came back out in full force with some new additions to the army! (Johnny, Victor, Charlie and Earl all got to participate this year! Although Johnny forgot his toga in his room so he was still in his bathrobe.)
  • We got Victor and Donnie to both wear my Donnie for President stickers.
  • We definitely got up close and personal with Donnie, Danny, Joe and Jordan on the stage!
  • I loved talking to the camera guys during the parties. They were great!
  • Erin got a kiss from Joe after he read her sign that said “Our Dad says our Mom can Kiss NKOTB” with a pic of her kids.
  • Donnie pulled the honeymooners up on the middle stage and Jordan sang I’ll Be Loving You Forever to them.

I think we headed back to our room around 4:00 or 4:30 am and headed to bed.

June 9th, 2012 – Day 3

We got to sleep in today! Group A had their photo op starting at 9:00 but Group B didn’t start until 3:00! Lucky us! NKOTBingo took place on Lido but we didn’t go. We ate lunch and then met up with our photo group to get in line. We were probably the 4th or 5th group to go in for Group B. Donnie was getting a back rub from someone in one of the earlier groups. I don’t know how long she got to stick around for. Even though Victor had instructed everyone to go directly to their guy, each group still went ahead and went down the line and hugged every one.

On a side note, when you get the chance to compare them like that, Jon really does give the best hugs! LOL

Erin and I stood with Joe for the photo op. She said she had lost her voice and he told her it was sexy. He really is too cute for words. I think an awful lot of girls might have switched over to Joe as their favorite after this cruise!

We went back to our cabin with our photo group and had mimosas and watched some NKTV and chatted. After that we ordered food and got ready for Evening Wood and Joe McIntyre: Man in Progress.

Danny was really good. Some of his lyric sheets were missing. He said this wouldn’t happen to Joe. LOL Kristina yelled out “Shouldn’t you know the words?” He said “You know…I do know the words but we’ve been a little busy lately!” Other girls yelled “Take it Off!” He asked “What happened to the appreciation of real music?” He had fun with it though. He did maybe 5 or 6 songs playing guitar.

Then it was Joe’s turn. I have posted the entire show on YouTube. You really do have to watch it to appreciate it. We laughed, we cried. It was an emotional roller coaster and the audience loved every minute of it! Rob Lewis was great too!

After the show we quickly changed for 90’s night and headed out to our now familiar spot on Lido. By now, I had become known as the videographer of the group! LOL Lido was getting crazier and crazier every night!

Joe’s outfit for the night was hysterical – backwards everything, sagging jeans, bandana. We got a handful of his ass helping him up on stage with just his boxer briefs between him and us. ::Sigh:: Memories…LOL

He pulled Kristina up on stage right away in her power ranger outfit. Danny’s layers didn’t stay on too long because it was so hot! There was almost no breeze that night. Victor commented about how hot it was. We said “No shit! We’ve been out here for 3 hours waiting in this heat!” LOL

NBN was a great addition to the cruise!!!!

Donnie made some comment that night about having a strong tongue and Treach said he shouldn’t put all his business out there. Donnie said “They already know all my business!”

Once again we got to sing along to Sweet Jonathan! No one has any idea what the lyrics are to that song except the chorus! Donnie’s verses consist of “blah blah blah blah.” LOL

June 10th, 2012 – Day 4

We had the pleasure of heading to the visual immigration check in Palladium at 8:00 am. As Joe said during the Town Hall that afternoon “Never Again!” We went straight back to bed after that. I still don’t know who Sonja is but after she didn’t go to the immigration check, they kept paging her every 15 minutes to come to Palladium. Even Jon called her out during the Town Hall!

We headed out to Key West to grab lunch at hard rock and then went back to the ship. Danny had been busy signing doors so we were excited to see he had signed ours twice. Then it was time for Town Hall.

I posted the entire Town Hall on YouTube so check it out if you want to hear the questions and answers. It was pretty hot on Lido Deck! Joe stuck around on Lido after the Town Hall for a long time and took pictures. After Erin and I got our pictures with him we headed to the Back Rub and Jordan’s Show.

Really, there are no words to describe the Back Rub. You can’t record it or take pictures. Let just say it involved whipped cream, handcuffs and bananas. The lucky ladies that got pulled up to participate definitely gave Donnie a run for his money!

One of the girls was scared to be up there, especially after he blindfolded her. Donnie eventually had her sit back down. But the other 3 women were fantastic and were really into it! Poor Johnny ::clap clap:: spent the entire time spreading rose petals on the floor for Donnie to walk on and bringing him his props. Gotta love his job!

Jordan did his entire Live & Unfinished show. It was just as good as the other two times I have seen it! The rockstars were awesome!

Then it was on to GPS Love Fest! This was one of the best nights on Lido! We switched back to the left stage that night. Donnie had warned everyone that no one was sleeping tonight! My videos from GPS turned out great. Some of the highlights included:

  • Jon appearing in front of us on our platform in his Canadian Mounty outfit. It was classic!! Jordan sang Oh Canada to him.
  • This was also the night I got my second Donnie kiss, this one on the lips. I think we had a moment. LMAO
  • Jordan shaking his ass to Sexy and I Know It.
  • I got to touch the Marshmallow while helping Donnie back up on stage.
  • Joe dancing on our platform like a man possessed!
  • Danny crowd surfing over to us.
  • Singing Sweet Jonathan one time with cue cards! Karaoke with Jon!
  • We got to see the sun rise as we pulled into Miami.

There was definitely no sleeping that night. We through our stuff in our bags, hoped they still closed and were ready to disembark by 8:00 am!

This blog doesn’t adequately describe just how much fun this whole trip was. I had no idea what to expect and it couldn’t have gone any better!!! Unless you have experienced it for yourself, there are no words!

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  1. Marcia says:

    Great recap!

  2. @sarajevo_online says:

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it, I can only imagine how fun it must have been being actually there.

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