NKOTB Cruise – Primer For 1st Timers

Reading through twitter and the forums on BN, there seems to be a lot of questions out there for first time cruisers. There are a lot of great blogs with advice so I thought I might add one with a bit of a twist…. Here are my TOP 10 TIPS FOR FIRST TIME CRUISERS!

Tip 1:  It’s Windy on Lido Deck!

Tip 2:  Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Tip 3:  Always be aware of where you’re pointing your camera and what you’re taking pictures of!

Tip 4:  Keep plenty of water/drinks on hand! You never know when you might need to cool off!

Tip 5:  Don’t forget to pack plenty of Underwear!

Tip 6:  Beware of falling shoes!

Tip 7:  Always be prepared with something the guys can sign!

Tip 8:  Bring plenty of sunscreen for any “exposed” areas when out in the sun.

Tip 9:  Make lots of new Friends!

Tip 10:  When in doubt have a great time and…JUST DANCE!

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